"I have taken Maria’s courses on cartoon character design and lighting for Procreate on Skillshare. Her way of teaching is amazing! She is very structured and can present things in a simple and understandable way! Her feedback is always very constructive and on point. She is a great teacher and a really kind person. I would love to learn more from her!"

- Mira, Art Student

Character Design


Social Media for Artists

Hi, I’m Memo

I'm an illustrator and visual development artist based in Turin, Italy.

I have been working freelance since 2017 and teaching art online on platforms like Skillshare and Draw21.

My best-selling courses on Drawing a Cartoon Character and setting up a Succesful Social Media profile have helped more than 10k students get a little bit closer to their art goals.

I love teaching art for two reasons - first because as a self-taught artist myself, it helps me structure my own workflow; and second, because when I get a message from one of my students - or I see their improvement on social media - it really makes my day.